Career Mentoring

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Walk the road less travelled to create leadership brilliance out of unmatchable professionalism!

ESP excels in career mentoring thereby empowering today's exciting prospects to perennially deliver the vanguard for corporate success.

Dynamic leadership majorly contributes to a business's efficiency and productivity. ESP's leadership counselling program associates closely with our clients' objectives to aid them in

  • Accepting challenges in diverse situations and formulating strategic solutions.
  • Introducing innovative ways of work execution.
  • Consulting assessment of the adopted practices.
  • Framing recovery strategy with our constructive feedback.
Life begins when you step out of your comfort zone!

We aim to encourage executive leadership talents, by identifying their strengths and weaknesses through our customised Leadership Psychogram.

What's this Career Psychogram?

It's a proven technique of career mentoring for both employees and executives to evaluate their competences based on -

  • Maturity
  • Economic motivation
  • Intelligence
  • Communication