ESP well understands the efforts to reach the top! Our executive consultants are mavens at providing detailed insights into the forces constantly shaping the functional roles in a domain.

  • Board Member and Director
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Human Resource
  • Information Technology
  • Supply Chain & Logistics

Board Member and Director

Aligning objectives, aptitudes and organisational culture is crucial to the creation of an efficient Board. Board members and directors are constantly under the spotlight, for their corporate governance and strategies imbued towards commercial success. Hence, ESP strives to support you, our clients, in enhancing their Board effectiveness via our superior level of scrutiny and eye for wisdom.


ESP possess years of experience in chief executive leadership counselling, adopting a future oriented approach. Our team of professionals combine functional and cultural proficiency with geographical know-how, to select from dynamic C-Suite candidates to spearhead your business. We will assist you, our clients, with quality appointments of CEO/CXO to secure brand's future.


Our Finance Practice guides you to partner with financial officials, possessing rigorous knowledge of major business drivers, as well as strategic expertise. The association with our financial executive search would be the start of a relationship, where we will deliver beyond the mere selection of finance heads. Immersing itself in its clients' businesses, ESP promises to build a futuristic finance leadership team for challenges unforeseen.


The complex business environment today, is exposed to stern regulatory norms and governance concerns. To navigate amidst such rigorous demands, having in-house legal advisors on board has become paramount. ESP understands this urgency of legal roles and traces potent advisors accordingly.

Human Resource

When change is the only constant, ESP stands by its clients in choosing the best in class HR executives. We ensure their capability in addressing change management, talent hunt, constant engagement and business culture for a productive outcome. With us, it becomes easier to build the HR team proficient in recognising the broader challenges in business and coming up with the right insights for tomorrow.

Information Technology

In the rapidly paced technology ecosystem, a business' urgency in bringing aboard a highperforming CIO and IT team can be satiated with ESP. Organisational strategies can be balanced with new technology to withstand this vigorous environment. ESP sifts through the pile to arrive at the right mix of profiles having technical adeptness, analytical and management expertise, and cultural fit.

Supply Chain & Logistics

ESP's aptitude in procuring top-level supply chain and logistics leaders, qualified in addressing the scope of this domain has proved unparalleled. We aim to select talents who can construct internal and external strategic alliances, seize opportunities and ensure a seamless process in supply chain.