Partner with ESP to unleash the fullest potential for making every business thrive irrespective of mitigating circumstances.

Backed by hands-on experience, our veteran consultants bring the most sought-after frontrunners, having in-depth acumens into various industry dynamics.

  • Banking and Insurance
  • Investment Banking
  • Private Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate / Infrastructure
  • Life Sciences / Health Care / Pharmaceuticals
  • Natural Resources & Energy
  • Professional Services

Banking and Insurance

Finance is a complex domain which experiences substantial changes amidst a volatile economic climate. Moreover, with digitalization sweeping in, consumers seek experiences attuned to their digital lifestyle. ESP will find leaders capable of identifying next-generation technology solutions and navigating through these challenges.

Investment Banking

India's economy is in a globally induced dynamic shakeup and investment banking will be at the centre of it, driving change. A keen sense of insight is required to identify the value prospects, both in terms of opportunities as well as its profitable growth. ESP is perfectly poised to efficiently handle the talent exchange, that will become intrinsic, to the process of long term successful deal making.

Private Banking

The captains of industry are widespread and plentiful. While they take care of economic prosperity, private banking will take care of their prosperity. Efficiently plugging into the relevant implementation value chain, will deliver superior returns for all concerned. ESP possesses the apt insight and reach to ensure that, the ideal talent pool is at hand, to keep individual wealth enriched forever.


The manufacturing domain needs addressing issues like, on-going mergers, slower growth, result-driven solutions, investments in alternatives, strategy for innovation, reintroduced focus, etc. Browsing through the talent pool, ESP will unearth visionary leaders having a global perspective in crafting winning strategies for a client.

Real Estate / Infrastructure

Infrastructure and Real Estate both possess an extremely dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit. Traditionally steered by experience and intuition, this domain has currently experienced the emergence of IoT and Big Data, which demands a new point of quantitative insight. ESP will arm the client with a personality possessing creative vision and financial vigour.

Life Sciences / Health
Care / Pharmaceuticals

ESP's Healthcare Practice Consultants are well-aware of the newer trends reshaping this industry. With constant advancement in medical research, companies need to safeguard operational efficiency against challenges like increasing R&D costs, pricing pressure and reduction in reimbursement levels. Hence, we will bring to you professionals having the right leadership traits with a strong vision.

Natural Resources & Energy

In the conceivable future, the natural resources and energy businesses would continue to face political volatility, climatic changes, and demand for materials. To address such complex issues, ESP will partner with expert consultants, to evaluate high-caliber executives, who'll not only manage sophisticated operations but also ensure strategic transformation of the organisation.

Professional Services

In the rapidly transforming professional services industry, human capital continues to be the biggest asset. So, the domain, largely characterized by intense competition, merger pressure and global capabilities, creates a great impact on their respective clients. ESP introduces you to leadership charisma, which can inspire the global workforce, while moving towards a common business goal.